My Best Friend | Short Essay & Speech

Friendship is one of the unique gifts one may have in one's life. A true friend is sincere, humble, kind and caring. A true friendship is the expression and summation of true thoughts, sincerity, dignity, honor and freedom. Therefore, a true and lasting friendship is developed gradually with the tests of time. 

As it is said, a friend in need is a friend indeed. True is that, the hard times reveal the test of friendship. It is only with the hard times that we know who is our true friend. The world is ephermal, so are the people. Had there been no difficult times with us, we would not have known the true friend out of many. 

As it is universally accepted that a sincere friend has no parallel in this world. Like this, I feel honored to have a sincere and true friend Mr. Rahul. He is my best friend I can say. He has stood with me throughout my hardest times. I always pray for his health, wealth, success and superiority in this life. I can never recount the instances where my friend Rahul has had come to my help. In fact he is me and I am him. This small piece of writeup is dedicated to my friend Rahul. I say him best wishes and heartfelt love and regards.